On a plain that slopes towards the sea, Agrigento is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily.

On the side of the sea is the Valley of the Temples, a World Heritage Site, an important archaeological testimony of classical Greek civilization. There are seven sacred places whose remains can be admired.

These include the Temple of Era, with a rectangular plan on which 34 columns rest, the Temple of Concordia, in excellent state of conservation, and the Temple of Castor and Pollux.

Built in tuff stone, the temples – seen from afar – take on a golden color at sunset, creating a surreal atmosphere.

On the hill overlooking the Valley of the Temples lies the “Magnificent City”, today’s Agrigento, a casket of art treasures.

The jewels of the historic center are the Norman Cathedral, perched on the top of the hill with its imposing bell tower, and the Monastery of Santo Spirito with the church of the same name attached.

Via Atenea is the main street of Agrigento, and begins with the Porta di Ponte, a nineteenth-century reconstruction of the medieval entrance. In this street is the Palazzo Celauro, where Goethe stayed.

The historic center has the ancient medieval structure, with narrow alleys and stairways that climb the slopes.

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