Founded in the mists of time, and already described by Homer as a place close to the port of the Feacis, Catanzaro has long been the capital of the Bourbon Kingdom. On the hill the Norman castle stands guard over the city, while in the center, overlooking a suggestive square, it dominates the Duomo, surrounded by the buildings of the institutions. Six doors allow access to the city and the historic center.

But Catanzaro is not just a city of memories: it is a city in constant motion and projected towards the future. The Bisantis Bridge is a masterpiece of contemporary engineering and connects the center with one of the most peripheral districts of the city with a suggestive night lighting. The funicular, on the other hand, allows even the laziest to reach the upper part of the city with minimal effort!

To best preserve the maritime and terrestrial natural heritage, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Park and the Mancuso Nature Reserve on the outskirts of the city are the icing on the Catanzaro cake, tangible proof of the inhabitants’ love for their land.

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