Founded on the mouth of the Esaro river as a Greek colony, legend has it that it was the oracle of the Apollo god in Delphi that suggested to a sailor to set sail and land on the southern Italian coasts to create a new urban center. It will also be just a legend, but the first settlements – today transformed into archaeological areas with attached museums – can be placed precisely in that period. Today Crotone has lost none of the ancient Greek charm and has been able to exploit the remains that have been delivered to it from the past.

The Spanish domination is visible in the Castle of Charles V, the Christianization is attributable to the numerous churches that arise in the city, while the medieval buildings – later reworked over the centuries – remind us that Crotone has always been a city of strategic importance.

Conservation of the natural heritage is guaranteed by the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Rizzuto, an almost obligatory stop on a visit to Crotone!

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