ENNA – Provincial capital, it is the highest city in Sicily. Center of the Sicilians, of very remote origin, called Henna, has taken back its ancient name

It was called Castrogiovanni until 1927, when it took back the ancient name of Enna. The city was defined Urbs Inexpugnabilis by the Romans for its impregnability.

In the previous three millennia it was an almost impregnable stronghold of Sicans, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians and Aragonese. Its main historical monuments are the castle, the Rocca di Cerere and the cathedral. It is home to the Kore University.

In the center of Sicily, it enjoys a favorable panoramic position on the hills and valleys of the Sicilian hinterland. It offers, to those who go there, the possibility of pleasant stays in the name of the nature-culture binomial, thanks to the landscape beauties that surround it and to its interesting historical-architectural heritage, where life flows according to the rhythms of another epoch. The pride of the local gastronomy are meat dishes such as “u farsu magru”.

There is no access ticket in the city and parking is allowed in the picnic areas, which can be found on the official website of city mobility at: https://www.comune.enna.it/index.php/turista-a-enna -2

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