Ancient maritime republic, Genova has the largest port in Italy, with over seven hundred square kilometers, and is equally famous for the typical dishes of the gastronomic tradition.

Do not miss the trattorias in the historic center – a maze of squares and alleys – where you will taste a plate of trenette with pesto after a day spent at the Aquarium, or a visit to the Lanterna.

With its 117 meters high, the city’s lighthouse is visible up to 30 km from the coast and has always guided ships safely inside the port. The seaside village of Boccadasse is the oldest in the city, built in conjunction with the walls that protect the city in the hinterland.

It rises in the innermost point of the Ligurian coastal arc close to the Apennines, where it depresses and opens up into a series of easy passes that connect the coast with the Po hinterland.

Genova stretches along the coast from Voltri to Nervi for about 30 km, reaching a considerable depth only in the central part, so that the urban agglomeration assumes a characteristic spindle shape, deformed upstream by more or less developed offshoots dating back to the valleys and valleys that plow the slopes of the Apennines.

There is no ticket for entry into the city. On the official website, updated, there is a useful list of parking lots and passenger loading / unloading points with relative hourly rates:

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