FAI days for schools is the great national event of the FAI dedicated to the world of school

November 15, 2022

An experience of peer education to discover the Italian environment and cultural heritage.

From 21 to 26 November the FAI Days for schools return. A week of exclusive school visits conducted by Ciceroni Apprentices, young people specially prepared by FAI volunteers and their teachers to enjoy the beauty of our country on the territory.

What are FAI School Days?


From Monday 21 to Saturday 26 November 2022 hundreds of places throughout Italy will be open for classes of every order and degree, thanks to FAI Delegations active throughout the country.


Students will have the opportunity to discover wonderful treasures of Italy, often closed to the public, and to deepen their knowledge of their territory.


All the visits will be conducted by other students, the Ciceroni Apprentices: an opportunity to bring the world of young people closer to the environment and culture of the place and to live an unusual experience of “equal education”.

Con la stagione delle gite in pieno svolgimento, è indispensabile non perdere di vista la sicurezza!

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