Manzoni’s capital par excellence, “that branch of Lake Como” is actually the branch that bathes the city of Lecco and its surroundings. Villa Manzoni, the birthplace of the author of The Betrothed, is an attraction of the city that annually attracts fans of the events he narrated, in addition to the alleged house of the protagonist Lucia Mondella.

In the Pescarenico district, Lucia gets on a boat to escape Don Rodrigo, who, it is assumed, had his own castle on the Zucco promontory. The Innominato Castle is instead located near Vercurago. These places are appreciated not only by lovers of literature, but also by sports lovers.

Lecco has actually been over the centuries the destination of painters and artists for the beauty of its landscapes: even Leonardo da Vinci, whose “Virgin of the Rocks” is located in front of a glimpse of the localities of Lecco, is part of this list. In addition to the numerous religious architectures, the city offers an Art Museum in the Palazzo delle Paure – former seat of the Chamber of Commerce in the Napoleonic era -, the Visconti Tower, the Vallo delle Mura and – between the waters of the lake – the golden monument to San Niccolò.

For the more enterprising, a few kilometers away, Monte Resegone is just waiting to be climbed!


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