Novara is the most important railway hub in north-eastern Piedmont, a stopover or stop for trains arriving or departing for northern Europe, in particular Belgium and the Netherlands.

Historically, the city was founded around the year 89 BC. as a colony of Latin law, on the granting of Latin citizenship to the Celtic tribes of Gallia Transpadana. In the imperial age Novaria was an important municipium and was located on the road between Vercellae (Vercelli) and Mediolanum (Milan).

The symbol of the city? Obviously the dome of the Basilica of S. Gaudenzio, over 121m high and designed by the architect Antonelli. The historical vestiges? The Visconti-Sforza Castle. The ancient political meeting place? The Broletto arengo with the well to the north-east. The origin of the city? Roman, as the remains of the walls of the historic center suggest.

Novara is worth a visit for these and many other attractions. Considered one of the capitals of rice production in northern Italy, the rice fields on the outskirts of the city are a destination for educational trips for schoolchildren and are also an opportunity for cultural enrichment for anyone interested in the sector.

Novara is the homeland of the world-famous Campari aperitif; it was in fact in the “Friendship Bar” (now no longer existing) that Gaspare Campari, in 1860, developed the recipe for the alcoholic drink that bears his name.

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