Ogliastra, a land of enchanting beauty, is located along the eastern side of Sardinia.

The territory, between the peaks of Gennargentu and the Tyrrhenian Sea, is considered among the most suggestive on the island.

Defined as the amphitheater on the sea, Ogliastra includes several natural monuments, pristine beaches, recognized among the most beautiful in the world, itineraries for trekking, mountain biking and climbing.

Its territory enclosed between the sea and the mountain offers an infinite amount of unique scenarios.

A paradise of remarkable beauty located along the eastern side of Sardinia: here nature offers the best of itself.

The origin of its name seems to derive from the Olivastri of which the territory is rich, although others attribute its origin to the huge monolith overlooking the sea on the coast of Baunei called Agugliastra (or Pedra Longa).

The coasts of Ogliastra are beautiful oases nestled between sea and rock, and form one of the most enchanting marine environments in the Mediterranean.

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