Six reasons why you should consider booking a trip in 2021

February 13, 2021

One year after the outbreak of the pandemic, travel remains reduced to a minimum and the travel industry has completely changed. Yet, with the start of vaccinations, it is possible to consider the idea that in the coming months we will return to travel. For this reason, here is a list of six reasons why you should consider booking a trip now.

Many flights and bus reservations can now be moved or canceled for free

Among the very few good news of this period, there is the fact that some airlines have reduced or canceled, like Alitalia, the commissions for flight changes.

This does not mean that all airline tickets are refundable: the advice is to check the different methods applied on the websites of the individual companies.

In general, the new rules offer much more flexibility and this aspect contributes to making the opportunity to book a flight more interesting.

Very similar situation also for road trips, by bus, minibus or van / car ncc, where reservations can be easily moved without any problem.

A period of discounts and offers

In this difficult time, airlines, hotels and even us in the transport sector are putting in every possible offer to persuade people to book.

Early bookings to reap more benefits

It is obviously impossible to make predictions with certainty, but the introduction of vaccines and the vaccine passport suggests that in the second half of the year demand in the travel market will start to grow again. On the one hand, people who are housebound for months and months feel the need to take a vacation, and on the other hand, the business travel sector, which has been drastically limited, will restart perhaps even more intensely as soon as possible. . However, air and bus fares are likely to rise due to new commercial programs that airlines are considering starting to adopt and availability will decline. It is therefore advisable to consider the idea of ​​booking before this happens.

Alternative travel solutions

Today there are several alternative mobility solutions to be evaluated to reach the destination for work or business. For example, you can opt for a private transport in total safety with a driver at the complete disposal of the customer.

Agile information

We have already talked about how new offers and rates could change and evolve. Keeping up-to-date on market proposals will be an important necessity for travel managers and also for travelers themselves. But even more important will be constantly evaluating the rules of the restrictions of transport companies (airlines and buses) and safety measures.

Give yourself a goal for the future

After difficult months, the idea of ​​having a goal for the later is wonderful: nothing better than a trip!