Beaches to the test of summer 2021: here are the rules for the season

April 16, 2021

Summer is upon us and we are starting to make predictions about what the rules to follow on our beaches will be. Which is not expected to be very different from those of 2020. “From the booking, to the distance between umbrellas of at least 5 meters. We consider the safety protocols applied last year to be very effective – explains Antonio Capacchione, president of the Italian seaside union Fipe-Confcommercio -. Last summer we gained a good experience and it has been shown that in the summer period, thanks to the heat, the infections were reduced to a minimum “.

The measures envisaged

Also for the summer of 2021 the Capacchione line – as evidenced by Il Tempo in the interview given to Adnkronos – is that the establishments are open with entry by reservation and for time slots. It is also recommended to encourage the use of fast payment systems with contactless cards or through portals / web apps.

Furthermore, it is better to assign the same umbrella to the same occupants, if they stay for several days. Surface sanitation is always necessary before assigning the equipment to another user, even during the same day.

Access to establishments

Also on the front of entrances and exits from the plant it will be necessary where possible to differentiate the routes by providing clear signs. Once under the umbrella, the minimum recommended distance between the rows is five meters and that between the umbrellas in the same row is four and a half meters. Deckchairs and sunbeds must be at least two meters apart, with an exception only in the case of members of the same family unit or cohabitants. Obviously, the use of the cabins by people not belonging to the same family unit is also prohibited.

Stop to playful activities

Finally, according to Capacchione, recreational sports activities, group games, parties and events should be prohibited, keeping the swimming pools closed. All activities that can favor gatherings.

In order to use toilets and showers, the social distancing of at least two meters must be respected, unless barriers have been created that separate the different stations.