Varese also offers several goodies: it has a lovely historic center – small but very elegant – and beautiful villas with equally beautiful gardens just outside the city and reachable with a short walk.

For the uninitiated, Varese is nicknamed the garden city, an appellation given not by chance: there are in fact numerous green spaces within the municipality, even a stone’s throw from the center, and very often these are the appurtenances of villas of noble families .

Stendhal called it “Ensemble magnifique”, a magnificent vision unmatched in other states.

In fact, the Borromeo family invested heavily in the appearance of the city, enriching it with prestigious villas and gardens, to which were later added Art Nouveau villas.

The Sacro Monte di Varese, a destination for religious pilgrimages, is a complex of buildings and paths immersed in nature, much loved by pilgrims.

Also of naturalistic appeal, then, the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park and the Belforte Castle, of which today only a few ruins remain as evidence of its past and historical presence.

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