A city born under Roman influence and then conquered by the Lombards, the traces of the passage of ancient peoples in Avellino are reduced to glorious buildings, such as the Castle.

The territory of the province largely coincides with that of the historical-geographical district of Irpinia and with that of the pre-existing province of Principato Ultra (of which Avellino was the capital since 1806), from which today’s provincial district inherited the coat of arms.

Despite the damage caused by the earthquakes and the consequent alterations, Irpinia is a land rich in castles (over 70 within the provincial territory) since in the early Middle Ages it occupied a strategic position among the Longobard, Byzantine and Norman possessions.

The modern architecture of the city center, following major renovations, gives citizens and visitors a splendid municipal villa with an extensive urban park, perfect for summer days with the family.

For lovers of the past and history, the State Archives open to the public will certainly be a must!

Some provincial museums are part of SIMIR, the IRpino Museum System. They are:

  • the Irpino museum of Avellino
  • the civic museum of Villa Amendola di Avellino
  • the civic museum of ceramics of Ariano Irpino
  • the ethnographic museum of peasant civilization “Beniamino Tartaglia” of Aquilonia
  • Museum of artistic productions and folk crafts of Fontanarosa
  • the Museum of work-Old branch of San Potito Ultra

For information on city mobility, visit the official website of the municipality of Avellino: http://www.comune.avellino.it/

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