Struck by a violent earthquake in 2009, which left a deep mark on urban architecture, the city of L’Aquila has always been subject to landslides due to its geographical location and proximity to the river Aterno. It rises to 712m above sea level and is the third highest capital in Italy: a record of all respect!

In the reconstruction phase, the works started following the recent earthquake are aimed at bringing back to the ancient splendor some of the city’s jewels, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Suffragio, in the main square, with its Holy Door.

The symbol of the city has fortunately been spared from physical damage: it is the Fountain of the 99 Cannelle – a monumental fountain with drinking water which, as the name suggests, is equipped with 99 spouts that bring water to the lower level to allow visitors to drink on a hot summer day.

The National Museum of Abruzzo is housed in the Spanish Fort, in memory of the domination that the city underwent by the Spanish crown. Not far from the historic center, the archaeological area of ​​Amiternum bears witness to the Roman past.

Ski and mountain lovers will find their teeth at the Gran Sasso National Park, a favorite destination for skiers in the Apennines.

For more information about parking areas and parking for tourist vehicles, consult the official link at the following address: http://www.ama.laquila.it/

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