Defined as the “Florence of the South” or even the “Florence of the Baroque”, Lecce was certainly founded in the III millennium BC, then passing under Roman and Norman rule. Of Roman you can still admire the amphitheater, which offers an evocative spectacle, especially in the evening, lit by hundreds of light effects. The Normans, on the other hand, have left their mark on the urban layout of the city with several watch towers – located in strategic points – and entrance gates to the city.

The baroque palaces – of which the city is rich – are true works of art, which many neighboring cities envy! and to crown the tour of the region, you cannot miss an exclusively eno-gastronomic stage, to savor the flavors of this sun-kissed land.

The payment of an entrance ticket to the city is included, including the cost of parking in specially equipped areas. For more information you can consult the official page at this link: http://www.percorsinet.eu/itinerari-salento/14-percorsi-di-caterina-ferrara/144-puglia-parcheggi-bus-turistici-e-punti- of-meeting-with-the-guida.html

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What to see and do in Lecce

  • Roman remains, in particular the amphitheater
  • Castle of Charles V
  • Baroque palaces
  • City guard towers and entrance gates
  • Food and wine tour

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