Oristano reveals a surprising side of Sardinia, which has remained intact over the years and rich in history. Ancient Aristanis was once the capital of the giudicato of Arborea, the most enduring of the four kingdoms represented by the Four Moors on the island’s flag. The city became very prosperous mainly thanks to two kings who left their mark in the history of Sardinia: Marian IV, who ruled almost the entire island, and Eleanor.

Precious legacies of the past are scattered throughout the province, whose variety of landscapes showcases beautiful sandy beaches, spectacular limestone cliffs, green forested hills, and the famous nuraghi. Every season is good to visit Oristano and discover squares, architecture and churches in its charming old town. At any time of the year it is also necessary to taste the gastronomic delights of Oristano that combine, in the typically Sardinian tradition, the best land and sea products.

There is no access ticket in the city and parking is allowed in the equipped areas, available on the official city mobility website at: https://www.comune.oristano.it/oristano/opencms/it/il-comune-informa/notizie/notizia/ZTL-Confronto-pubblico-sugli-orari-di-apertura-al-traffico/

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